Death & Taxes

The two certainties in life are death and taxes.  Neither of which you can avoid but you can mitigate.

Austins is a STEP accredited practice specialising in trusts, estates and wills. We use our specialist skills to draft bespoke deeds, trusts and wills.  This enables our clients and their families to better organise their property and finances.


Without a valid will, assets could pass according to the intestacy rules that automatically apply.  This could lead to misunderstandings, claims or even leave the estate vulnerable to expensive court proceedings.  As you would not have provided your specific instructions on anything from your funeral arrangements, to charity donations or trusts for children or gifts outside your family.

Your spouse or civil partner doesn’t automatically inherit all of your estate.  Unmarried partners have no automatic rights at all under the intestacy rules.

Depending on your circumstances, they may have to share the estate with other relatives.  So a professionally drafted Will is a valuable and considerate asset.

It ensures succession certainty and tax efficiency.

We offer will drafting for a fixed fee and discounts are offered where we draft two wills at the same time.  So you can dovetail your wishes.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

Following on from that theme Lasting Powers of Attorney LPA) are an essential tool to be considered at the same time as your wills.  As you can only draft a LPA if you have the mental capacity to do so.

It enables you to instruct an individual (attorney) to act on your behalf, in respect of your property and affairs or regarding your health and welfare.

It can last a lifetime or until you cancel it.  You have the power to authorise your choice of individuals to assist you if you are temporarily or permanently incapacitated by illness, dementia or mobility issues.

Our clients find it reassuring that their affairs can be managed efficiently and without delay when required.  During the current pandemic it has been even more in demand and used extensively.

Without a LPA your family would need to apply to Office of the Public Guardian to apply to act on someone’s behalf.  It is a costly and lengthy procedure that can take months, when you most need assistance.  You don’t get to control who manages your affairs and in exceptional cases the applicant can be a local authority.

Again Austins can guide and assist you to prepare a bespoke LPA according to your wishes and needs for a reasonable fixed fee.