Our Fees

This information gives more details about what fees and costs are involved for our different types of services.   These examples provide guidance on the likely fees for our services.  This list and its examples are not exhaustive.

Fees & Costs Details

We also offer advice and assistance for Landlord and Tenant, Trusts and Smaller Business matters.  To get an accurate overview of the service we can offer you, contact us.

Basis of Our Fees

This guide explains our costs and the basis of your retainer with Austins.  When deciding which solicitor to instruct, the cost of the service is important but should not be the only factor.

How We Charge


The fees for our professional services are either charged on a fixed fee, capped or time basis.  All invoices will be subject to VAT and disbursements.  We have several payment options available.

The exact cost will depend on the:

⋅  experience of the fee earner
⋅  complexity of your instructions
⋅  time expended on your matter and if appropriate

⋅  value of the transaction

⋅  time constraints, such as short deadlines

Fixed Fees

We usually provide will drafting and conveyancing at a fixed fee.  A detailed quote is sent to you for approval before our initial meeting. It is subject to reasonable use.

Capped Fees

This service is a hourly rate service. A maximum fee is applied.  This means you are only charged for the time actually spent on your matter or the stage of your matter.

Hourly Rates

We charge hourly rates most commonly for matters that are complex, time sensitive or of high value.  If your matter is hourly based, a quote will be provided for each stage.

Estimate of Costs

We will give you an estimate of costs as soon as possible after full information is available.  We will give you further updates on likely charges as the matter progresses.   This will be done as and when required for all services.

What You Can Expect From Us

We will carry out your instructions as expediently and efficiently as possible.  By instructing us to act on your behalf we will always place your best interests first, in accordance with the law of England and Wales. In turn we will expect full information from you.   This is so we can provide an appropriate professional service.

What We Expect From You

As our client you will be personally responsible for our fees; even if the fees are recoverable from a third party.  Routine letters, e-mails, faxes and telephone calls will be charged at a tenth of the fee earner’s hourly rate.  Preparation, perusal, drafting, meetings or longer letters and calls will be charged on a time basis.  However a fully detailed fee narrative is provided with every invoice rendered.

Payment Options

We have a few payment options, including by invoice, on account and by instalment.

Rendering of invoices

Invoices will be rendered on a regular basis or at an appropriate stage depending on the matter, unless agreed otherwise. 

Any discounts applied are on the assumption of prompt payment.

For your convenience, we accept payment by cheque and bank transfer.

Payments on account

At the start of each retainer we require funds on account or a sum equivalent to the transaction’s disbursements or initial attendance, whichever is the greater.

If the matter does not proceed to completion, a fee may be applicable. Any such fee will be calculated according to the time spent and the stage at which the transaction ended.



We can accept instalments for our fees, but only if it is collected by direct debit.

Each matter will be decided individually and to the appropriate level of payment and repayment period.

Please discuss this with your fee earner at the start of your retainer.

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