Are You Summer Sale Ready?

Summer is the busiest time for property transactions. If you’re thinking of moving, are you prepared?

Use our legal checklists below to ensure you are summer sale ready.


  1. Check the outstanding balance on any mortgages or loans related to your property and contents that will be included in the sale such as a new boiler, windows and shutters.
  2. Gather together all your original paperwork especially for guarantees, warranties, planning permissions and building regulations.
  3. Certificates of inspection for gas and electrical systems.
  4. Research local estate agents and be prepared to negotiate their commission.
  5. If you have a flat, contact your freeholder or managing agent to check your service charge account & ground rent are up to date.
  6. Consider your timescales for moving. If it is less than 6-8 weeks special instructions may be needed.
  7. Contact us for a fixed fee quote for our legal services, which will include a full breakdown of all related costs payable to third parties.


  1.  Instruct an independent financial advisor (not tied to one lender).
  2. Obtain a mortgage offer or at least in principle for a specific sum.
  3. Check the date your mortgage offer expires. Usually 3- 6 months. After that your advisor may be able to extend it but only if the mortgage deal is still available.
  4. Contact us to obtain a fixed fee quote for legal services, which will include the property related searches and stamp duty land tax. The searches are specific to a borough and/or postcode and so the price may differ from borough to borough.
  5. Stamp duty is calculated on the purchase price and also if it is a buy to let transaction.
  6. Check if your mortgage lender has restrictions on who can be your solicitor. For example Austins is on the panel for Santander transactions.
  7. Consider your timescales for moving. If it is less than 6-8 weeks special instructions may be needed.
  8. If you are buying a flat have you factored in the annual service charges and ground rent?

Being summer ready is about prior planning and preparation.  As a national Conveyancing Quality Scheme accredited practice, we can assure you with a fair price for an efficient and professional service.

Contact us for further details.