Payment options

We have a few payment options, including by invoice, on account and by instalment.

Rendering of invoices

Invoices will be rendered on a regular basis or at an appropriate stage depending on the matter, unless agreed otherwise. Any discounts applied are on the assumption of prompt payment. For your convenience we accept payment by cheque and bank transfer

Payments on account

At the start of each retainer we require funds on account or a sum equivalent to the transaction’s disbursements or initial attendance, whichever is the greater.

If the matter does not proceed to completion, a fee may be applicable. Any such fee will be calculated according to the time spent and the stage at which the transaction ended.


We can accept instalments for our fees, but only if it is collected by direct debit. Each matter will be decided individually and to the appropriate level of payment and repayment period.

Please discuss this with your fee earner at the start of your retainer.